Vignobles Arbeau Wines

Vignobles Arbeau Wines

notes from Grape Experiences:

Vignobles Arbeau not only markets a variety of red, white, and rose wines from the region, but also owns a winery, located in Labastide-Saint Pierre, to “vinify Southwestern grapes into red, rose and white wines from local producers who have been regular partners for years”; wines in bottles, bag-in-box, and bulk wines are produced.


The “jewel of the family property” is Château Coutinel, located in the AOP Fronton production zone and one of the oldest family wineries in Fronton, having belonged to the Arbeau family since 1920. (Now, only half of the wineries in the AOP are family owned.) The winery itself was built in the center of the estate in 1980 and an investment in a filtration plant to protect the environment was made in 2000.


The vineyard is located on a slight slope where the soil is mostly boulbène, a type of acidic siliceous and sand-clay soil found throughout the area. 50% of the vineyards are planted with Négrette, a variety that, as decreed by the AOP Fronton, must comprise 50-70% of a grower’s vineyard. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Syrah, Fer Servadou, Côt, Merille, and Merlot are also cultivated on vines averaging 25 years.


I asked Anne about the company’s efforts towards sustainability. She was quick to add that new techniques include “tangential filter and automatic bottling”. “Organic conversion in our own vineyard” is being implemented, as well. Currently, grass cover is pervasive in the vineyards and the use of chemical weed killers has been restricted. When considering how to address the variety of vineyard diseases, “treatments are carefully considered. When applied, environmentally correct standards are followed”.


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