Tozai Sake 720mL

Tozai Sake 720mL

Tazoi, translating literally to "East-West," is a collection of sakes resulting from a collaboration between Kyoto Japan's finest sake producers and America's most fanatic of sake importers.


About the variants:

"Snow Maiden" Junmai Nigori Sake:

A Junmai, or "pure-rice," sake with aromas of honeydew and a bright, lively finish. Named for Hanako, a koi fish that lived to the age of 226 in the pure mountain water at the base of Mt. Ontake, Japan's 2nd largest volcano.


"Blossoms of Peace" Plum Sake:

Created by soaking aodani plums in rich Tozai sake for three months, this sake has a tart, juicy, acidic flavor with notes of marzipan. Named for the blossoms of the plum trees local to Kyoto, refered to, in Japan, as the flowers of peace.


“Living Jewel” Junmai Sake:

A gentle junmai highlighting Kyoto's famous Fushimi water; light and easy drinking, perfect for an afternoon on the terrace. Light and easy drinking with hints of fresh banana, red grapes, lemon, rice minerality. This sake is named after Japan’s colorful koi fish that represent good fortune and luck. It represents the combination of vibrant colors, patterns, and shimmering scales that have earned Japanese koi fish the moniker “living jewels."


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