Revelry Vitners Range Grenache Blanc

Revelry Vitners Range Grenache Blanc

About the producer:

We craft our wines by the skilled hands of a chosen few in our cellars in Walla Walla Washington, relying on time tested techniques passed down to us from history, in unison with modern technology and few tricks of our own learned over time.  Individually our wines are each very distinct, yet they all share the common qualities of balance, moderate structure, and dynamic flavor.  This is the Revelry Vintners style.  


from the producer:

2020 RANGE Grenache Blanc is a crisp, high acid wine of incredible purity, grown high in the hills toward the southern reaches of the Columbia Valley. 


For the past five years we have searched our state high and low for this grape - the white version of the Grenache grape that we love so much.  For five years we came up empty handed.  Late in the fall of 2018 we heard rumor of a new planting of Grenache Blanc in the lower Yakima Valley.  Art den Hoed and his son John, who also grow Cabernet Franc for our Rosé had planted a two-acre parcel as an experiment.  We struck gold!  Often used in the Rhone valley of France in white blends, Grenache Blanc lends itself to many different winemaking styles.  The grape offers wonderful freshness, acidity, and the most mind-bending array of flavors. We love a bit of tension in our white wines where there is competition between the vibrance of acidity and the complexity of flavor.  This wine is chalked full of pink and yellow starburst candy, meyer lemon, white flowers, and yuzu.  It is the perfect addition to our RANGE series. 

Stainless Steel Fermented


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