Françoise Roumieux 'F/R' Côtes du Rhône

Françoise Roumieux 'F/R' Côtes du Rhône

notes from the importer:

This is an exciting new side project by winemaker Françoise Roumieux, the fifth generation of winemakers at the prestigious Mayard family estate. The estate exemplifies the long history of Chateauneuf-du-Pape by holding some of the oldest vines in the region, planted directly after phylloxera in the late 1800s. The estate wines fully express the terroir through meticulous work in both the vineyard and in the winery. The family is committed to environmentally friendly agriculture – no chemicals are used in the vineyards and the wines are allowed to naturally ferment with native yeast to maintain the integrity and history of this famous region. Grapes are carefully hand-selected in the vineyards during harvest and again on the sorting table.


The F/R Selection (Françoise Roumieux) is a négociant project recently started by Françoise and maintains the strict, high level of quality of Mayard family wines. With some purchased fruit from friends and neighbors, combined with estate fruit, Françoise is able to bring a wine to market for an incredible value. Indeed, this wine is a gem in the world of wine, the strength and character far outshine its affordable price point! The négociant world can be tricky. Négociant is the French term for people who buy fruit or juice and sell the wine, they are wine merchants in the strictest sense. For this reason, the practice can lead to mass produced, generic wine with no sense of terroir. This is not the case for a few small négociants like Françoise, who buy local grapes to that make the wine affordable without sacrificing any of the quality or hands-on-approach.


One sip of this wine and we think you will agree, the terroir of the Southern Rhone Valley shines through with depth, complexity, and drinkability. Get it while you can, this is still a very small production at just 3,000 total cases produced.


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