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Dila-o Wines

From the producer:

Winemaker’s profession isn’t new in Dakishvili Family. Wine knowledge was collected by several generations and kept for their sons and grandsons.

Gogi’s great great grandfather was a priest in the church. He was one of the first in the family who started winemaking because of Christian motives. As we know Orthodox use wine as a blood of Christ during Mesas. However, Gogi’s grandfather was killed because of Christian belief during Soviet times in 1929.

Gogi’s grandfather couldn’t continue family’s winemaking traditions, because he died very young at the age of 27 during Second World War.

However Gogi’s father became Oenologists and graduated winemaking school. Gogi also followed his ancestor’s steps and got proper education in Russia. Wine passion was so strong that he found his love in oenological faculty. Both Gogi and his wife are oenologists.

We should also mention new generation. Gogi has 3 children: Temuri – elder son is winemaker in Teliani valley, and consults several cellars as well.  David , who is only 14 is so interested in wine, that in his age he already assists Gogi during winemaking process. Gogi’s daughter became doctor; however she is a huge fan of wine.

We should also mention that Gogi’s second grandfather from mothers side was famous Qvevri master.

We can say that traditions and century old experience makes Dakishvili wines excellent.


Dry Amber Wine

This fresh, unfiltered "Amber" wine is a 50-50 blend of two indigenous white grapes. Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane . Handmade by father and son in large clay jars buried under the ground, called Qveri. With one-month of skin contact, this is a fresh take on ancient style with lighter tannins, great amber color, apricot and floral notes. Discover a fresh wine that is ancient but new, versatile with food and down right delicious.



100% Saperavi fermented in qvevri, large-clay jars buried underneath the ground, unfiltered and low-sulfite for a fantastic value. A lovely dark color, aromas of violets and plum followed by dark brambly fruits, a touch of black pepper and earthiness on the palette. A young fresh Georgian qvevri red with finesse.


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