Demarie 'Luigi' Pét-Nat

Demarie 'Luigi' Pét-Nat

notes from the importer:

Luigi ‘Pét-Nat’ Producer: Demarie

Region: Piedmont

Winemaker: Paolo and Aldo Demarie

Available Sizes: 750 ml

Appellation: Roero Grape Variety: Arneis and Nebbiolo (70/30)


Summary: Brothers, Paolo and Aldo, carry on the traditions of classic winemaking in the Langhe region, while at the same time experimenting and pushing the envelope. This exciting new wine showcases their passion to grow and evolve.


With 70% Arneis with the balance coming from Nebbiolo, Luigi is a playful and compelling wine with mild carbonation and energetic flavor. This project, Luigi, is named after their grandfather who, like the wine, had an energetic and lively personality. The sediment in the bottle is naturally occurring with this type of wine. Most sparkling wines go through a disgorgement – the process of removing the yeast sediment for a clear wine. We feel that the sediment protects the wine naturally and gives it more flavor. This style of wine is often referred to as a “Pet Nat,” short-hand for the French term “Pétillant Naturel,” a “natural sparkling” wine, or Méthode Ancestrale, because it is believed to be a very ancient style of winemaking.


The flavors encompass orange blossom, mandarin peel, fresh bread, and red berries like raspberry and cherry. If you like the sediment, gently turn upside-down before opening to mix the sediment throughout. If you don’t want sediment in your glass, chill the wine upright until all the particles are settled on the bottom and pour off until you reach the sediment at the bottom and stop for a clear glass of refreshing Pet Nat! Food Pairing A fun and versatile food wine. The bubbles make it perfect for fatty foods and salty foods like potato chips. Good with any many course from hamburgers to fish and chips.


Varietal Notes Arneis: Translates to “little rascal,” so called because it is difficult to grow and in need of well-drained soils – like the sand of the Roero. A delicate wine, the beauty is in the savory, floral and herbal elements found mixed in with pithy stone fruits and hints of Melon and citrus. Nebbiolo: The most noble of Italian grapes famous in the towns of Barolo and Barbaresco. Here in the Roero, the sandy soils offer up more cherry fruits and red floral notes. Blending these two grapes together is a unique combination!


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