Biokult Wines

Biokult Wines

Notes from the producer:

biokult, located in Pamhagen in the Niederösterreich region of Austria, produces fine Austrian Biodynamic wines. Biokult unites a group of organic vintners with the shared goal of producing organic wines of the highest quality – wines that embody regional identity and bring pure, natural enjoyment in the glass.


All biokult vintners are obliged to certified organic production, environmental protection, biodiversity, and the promotion of healthy soils in their vineyards. Abstinence from artificial fertilizers and stabilizers guarantee unadulterated enjoyment.


Cooperation of this group of dedicated organic vintners has resulted in a fresh new image for organic Austrian wine and an unique attractive brand. Successful sales of their organic wines sourced from high-quality fruit began with the 2005 vintage. This success was preceded by years of work on their joint project “quality improvement through organic viticulture.”


Winemakers Angela and Werner Michlits took responsibility for vinification: “Organic wines represent the most authentic origin. It is a great challenge for us to continue the natural way of production in the cellar as well – winemaking and winegrowing has to be one unit!”


Biokult Rosé Secco

Made with Organically Grown Grapes. Demeter - Biodynamic Certified

100% Pinot Noir

Very gentle and slow cold pressing to extract the red pigment. 1st fermentation is temperature controlled. 2nd fermentation happens in stainless steel tanks by cooling the must and adding natural CO2 and sugar at the end.


Biokult Naken

*Skin-Contact White

Made with Organically Grown Grapes. Demeter - Biodynamic Certified
90% Pinot Gris, 10% Muksateller

Produced in partnership with three small family owned vineyards, Naken is a unique creative project in the Burgenland region of Austria. Following historic traditions, the grapes are processed as they would be for red wine, fermented on the skins for several days. The result is a beautiful and delicate orange-rosé color with a higher concentration of tannins and structure along with a creamy body style.
Biokult follows low intervention principals in wine making, with spontaneous fermentation from indigenous yeast and natural malolactic fermentation. The wine has a small content of CO2 remaining after fermentation that keeps the wine fresh and adds a slight natural effervescence to the wine. Naken is sealed with a crown cap to keep in the natural goodness and allow the wine to continue its fermentation process in the bottle.


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